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I woke up later than usual Sunday morning and the first thing on my mind was that I wanted to eat. So, off we went to Purple Yam for Filipino brunch of tosilog and lumpia shanghai.

I wanted to try to be somewhat productive for the upcoming week, so I decided to clean out my pantry (and then realized that there was nothing in there except a two shelves' worth of spices) and finally got down to making granola. I used Elie Krieger's recipe this time around; I swapped out agave syrup for the maple syrup and used a mixture of almonds, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in addition to the oatmeal. The mixture doesn't result in big clumps of granola, but I thought it tasted pretty good considering it didn't really have any oil or brown sugar added. I should just make a note not to add the raisins till the very end 'cause those suckers burn so quickly.

And since I believe that most green leafy vegetables would make a good pesto, I tried it with arugula this time around. It wasn't too bad, a little stronger than the basil or parsley versions that are more my usual. Mix it with a little bit of pasta and you're good to go.
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