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One of the habits that I'd like to develop this year is to get used bringing my lunch into work. Buying lunch takes out a considerable bite out of my budget, and generally, I've found myself getting bored of the food options around the office. I know that I won't be able to stop eating out entirely, but for now, I'd like to dial it back to only once a week. Let's see how successful I'll be with this goal.

Monday - bagel with egg & cheese
Wednesday - leftover pasta puttanesca
Thursday - garlic eggplant with rice
Friday - romaine, munster cheese and avocado sandwich, cinnamon sugar pita chips
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I was not good on the picture-taking. I feel awkward taking photos of my food sometimes.

Caffe Roast Bean - Veggie sandwich, chips, ice coffee
Baluchi's - lamb korma with garlic naan and a mango lassi
Hiroko's - mix sandwiches & green tea shake
Murray's Cheese Shop - PMT (prisciutto, mozzarella, tomato) melt
Daisymay Bakery - pizza bianca & bread budding
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Donatella sandwich from Alidoro
Tropical mango smoothie from Red Mango
Shawarma sandwich from Mamoun's Falafel
Beef and potato empanadas from Ruben's Empanadas
Korean fried chicken from Mad About Chicken
Bahn mi #1 from Saigon Sandwiches

Not photographed:
Spaghetti with meat sauce from Hiroko's
Bun Bo Lui (grilled beef with sesame seasoning & lettuce on rice vermicelli) from Nam Son Vietnamese restaurant
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(l-r, top-bottom)
Salmon bento from Sunrise Mart
Salad combo from Once Upon a Tart
Lobster roll from Better Being Underground
Salty Pimp from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Peach tarte tatin from Sho Shaun Hergatt
Petits fours and Milk chocolate palet from Sho Shaun Hergatt
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The salad combination from Once Upon a Tart is the best lunch bargain in Soho. For $7+, you get all this: greek salad and chickpea salsa with a slice of fritata. Today, I wanted to get all fancy, so I added a glass of their ginger ice tea -- which was totally the best idea that I've had all day.

They also had this fancy display of cookies at the counter.
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I was craving summer rolls (gỏi cuốn) the other day, but Soho doesn't have any good Vietnamese restaurants within walking distance of my office, so I had to stick getting an order from Mooncake Foods, which is an Asian fusion restaurant on Sixth Ave and Watt.

The summer rolls were disappointing -- they were at least half the size of what I'd usually get at my fave Vietnamese place in Queens -- but at least I got a Thai steak salad which sort of made up for the lackluster rolls.


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