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It gets easier, especially if I am conscious that Monday is no-meat day, and if I also prepare food during the weekend. Both the oatmeal and the curry were prepared in my trusty crockpot, which has made preparing certain dishes so foolproof and easy.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with rice milk & brown sugar
Lunch: Thai vegetarian curry with white rice
Snack: peppermint latte & banana
Dinner: same as lunch


I'm thinking of raising the bar for myself; instead of just going meatless on Mondays, how about going meatless for most of the week? I remember Mark Bittman proposing not eating meat during the day (ie., breakfast & lunch) and then, if necessary, eating meat for dinner. I think I can do that...?
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Another week to give this a try:

Breakfast: coffee, blueberry muffin
Lunch: half of a portabello sandwich, coffee
Snack: Raisinets


I also should try to contain myself on the coffee. Ever since we went to Portland, I feel like a day hasn't gone by when I haven't had at least a couple of cups.

On the other hand, this is shaping up to be a challenging semester so maybe I'll need all the help that I can get.
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Another FAIL Monday. Had a super early start with an 8 am class, skipped lunch, ran back to school for a 6 pm class, and home to leftover Chinese food. Forgive me, MM gods. My brain just shut down once evening class ended and I wasn't even thinking about Meatless Monday anymore.

Maybe I should make an alarm or alert to remind myself on what I should do (and not do) on Mondays.
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This entry is a few days late, as the boyfriend and I flew back to NY on a red-eye from Portland that morning.

I had coffee, and toast with marionberry jam, and penne with brussels sprouts & garlic for dinner.

As I thought, it is becoming easier to eat meatless. I actually even prefer to eat meatless during lunch for work on other days; I don't feel as stuffed or bloated. I still don't think I can permanently give up meat or dairy or eggs, but I see it as a small achievement if I can keep up meatless monday for at least 3 months, if not more.
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FAIL. Totally forgot that today was Monday (our office was closed today, so it didn't feel like a Monday) and since I stayed at my mom's overnight, I was more than happy to eat whatever she put in front of me, not caring whether it had meat or not.

Will get back on the wagon next week.
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I thought it was going to be easier the second week around, but yesterday was actually a challenging Meatless Monday. I went out with friends to a beer-tasting event, and it was rough watching them consume the charcuterie and sausages while I just nibbled on the cheese.

To make things somewhat worse, we passed by a Japanese bakery selling the day's leftover goods for $1.50/bag on the way home. I bought crullers and croissants and immediately scarfed two down on the walk to the subway. I don't think replacing meat for donuts is necessarily healthier.

Breakfast: coffee, 1 buttermilk scone
Lunch: paneer tikka masala with rice, mango lassi
Dinner: cheese, 2 cruller donuts
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Trying out Meatless Monday -- not really a resolution, but more of a "how long can I do something every week" deal.

Today was tricky. I woke up late so all I had for breakfast was my coffee, and when it's lunchtime and you're starving, nothing seems so good as a BLT or a chicken parmesan sandwich. I figured that going to the Indian restaurant, I would get more chances to eat vegetarian; I ordered pakoras and bhindi subji (stir fried okra) with rice. Dinner ended up being a grilled cheese sandwich.

I think for next week, if I'm to continue successfully, I would need to cook/prepare everything ahead. I actually don't mind going mostly vegetarian, it's just that it's easier to be a carnivore/omnivore and if I can take the easier way out, I usually do.


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