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Had many wonderful meals in Montreal. I wasn't going to let the snow and cold stop me from eating well.

- Quebecois flammekeuche (onions, bacon, Quebec raclette cheese) and beer at Les 3 Brasseurs
- Huge vegetarian sandwich at Cafe Santropol
- Pickled tongue, poutine with foie gras, and lots more meat at Au Pied de Cochon
- Smoked meat at Schwartz's
- Dumplings at Qing Hua in Chinatown
- Real life food pron at Marche Jean-Talon
- Lots of bagels at St. Viateur's
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Dinner - Dick's Last Resort at the Gaslamp

Lunch - Buster's Beach House at Seaport Village
Dinner - Coyote Cafe in Old Town

Breakfast - Lael's breakfast buffet at Manchester Grand Hyatt
Drinks - Tipsy Crow at Gaslamp, Top of the Hyatt at Manchester Grand Hyatt

Breakfast - Richard Walker's Pancake House
Snack - Pinkberry
Drinks - The Little Club
Dinner - South Beach Bar and Grill

Lunch - Ra Sushi
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It's not deliberate, but I've noticed that in my travels lately, I usually take at least one picture of my table setting. They're not always spectacular or absolutely memorable, but I think it's just my way of reliving that snippet of a moment.

There's a lot to be said about those brief moments before the 'show' starts. Expectations are just as important as the event itself, if not more so.

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I've only been mildly curious about the tours that Pop Japan Travel offers. Curious to the point that I like knowing what activities and perks are offered should you join the tour, but never curious to the point that I'd actually shell out the big bucks for it. I'm not an expert jetsetter, but for my tastes, I think that the price of the tours are still too exorbitant for what they're actually offering you.

I do think that it's nice that they're starting to offer a variety of tours, not merely restricted to the anime/manga otaku. I mean, this new tour looks specifically aimed for the Iron Chef/foodie otaku, and it actually looks quite interesting.

I should do this separately, but I wonder how those three restaurants are perceived by the Japanese. And I wonder why a Morimoto restaurant isn't part of the tour (though, hey, as a NY'er, I could always go to Morimoto's if I needed my fix).


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