Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Had many wonderful meals in Montreal. I wasn't going to let the snow and cold stop me from eating well.

- Quebecois flammekeuche (onions, bacon, Quebec raclette cheese) and beer at Les 3 Brasseurs
- Huge vegetarian sandwich at Cafe Santropol
- Pickled tongue, poutine with foie gras, and lots more meat at Au Pied de Cochon
- Smoked meat at Schwartz's
- Dumplings at Qing Hua in Chinatown
- Real life food pron at Marche Jean-Talon
- Lots of bagels at St. Viateur's
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The NYTimes writes up Downton Abbey viewing parties.
The last dinner served to first-class passengers on the Titanic inspired a party to be held this Sunday in Brooklyn, hosted by Liz Kingman, 31, the membership manager at the American Folk Art Museum. For dessert, Ms. Kingman plans to make the apple charlotte requested in one episode by a suitor of Lady Mary Crawley. “Fancy dress and hats will be strongly encouraged,” she said, “as will scheming and marrying for money.”

First look at Talde - I think Dale Talde is a little cocky for his own good, but I am curious about the food at his new place. It's not too far from my apartment so maybe when I'm in a chef-f--kery mood, I'll drag the boy along to try it.


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