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Mindful eating is not a diet, or about giving up anything at all. It’s about experiencing food more intensely — especially the pleasure of it. You can eat a cheeseburger mindfully, if you wish. You might enjoy it a lot more. Or you might decide, halfway through, that your body has had enough. Or that it really needs some salad.

The NYTimes writes up mindful eating, and quotes one of the speakers whom I heard at SPSP two weeks ago. I know this entire practice sounds so hippie, but I actually think it's v. interesting.
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The NYTimes writes up Downton Abbey viewing parties.
The last dinner served to first-class passengers on the Titanic inspired a party to be held this Sunday in Brooklyn, hosted by Liz Kingman, 31, the membership manager at the American Folk Art Museum. For dessert, Ms. Kingman plans to make the apple charlotte requested in one episode by a suitor of Lady Mary Crawley. “Fancy dress and hats will be strongly encouraged,” she said, “as will scheming and marrying for money.”

First look at Talde - I think Dale Talde is a little cocky for his own good, but I am curious about the food at his new place. It's not too far from my apartment so maybe when I'm in a chef-f--kery mood, I'll drag the boy along to try it.
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Shanghai's top restaurants - my friend Andrew refuses to eat xiao long bao anymore since he feels he can't get a good one outside Shanghai

How to cook 20 vegetables - this is helpful; I'd like to get into the habit of eating a greater variety of vegetables
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Village Voice review of Maharlika

Only in the Philippines can something like this receive so much acclaim
The restaurant opens and closes unexpectedly and its elusiveness has added to its buzz.

According to him, cooking is therapeutic, and he uses the menu to share what he calls his “bipolar diet.” Ingredients include ones that he says affect mood, such as salmon, honey, cabbage, nuts and tea, which evolved into recipes and dishes.
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What's your coffee history? A fun discussion over at [personal profile] rilina

A Field Guide to Obnoxious Eating (WSJ)
I confess, I'm one of those people who eat at their desk even though the office kitchen is twenty steps away. I just don't like people watching me eat, and I'd rather spend my time surfing the web while I munch on my sandwich, if that's all right with you. At the same time, I try to be considerate and eat fast, just in case some of my cubicle mates are picky.

I had ambitions to make my own birthday cake. Maybe next year.

Because I'm obviously obsessed, I've started watching Jamie Oliver's "30 Minute Meals" show on Youtube. I think of myself as a pretty capable cook, but there's no way that I can make a main, a side and/or salad, plus dessert in half an hour. First off, my kitchen isn't that big and it would take more than 30 minutes to prep everything. It must be nice to be a tv chef.
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This article offends me on a couple of levels:

- Is this the first time that men have become vegans, or even adopted healthy lifestyles? Because god forbid that men do anything good for themselves.

- Lingo that uses 'he' or 'she'+noun to define terminology should be PERMA BANNED

I am not hating on these people who want to change their habits and relationship with food. I think that it's important to be conscientious and deliberate in what you put in your body, and if you decide that you're no longer going to consume animal products in your diet, then kudos to you. I don't get why this article is making it sound like it's such a planetary changing deal. Like one of the men featured in the article says, it's not something that you have to flaunt, it's just something that you do.


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